This memento of the first California MAGA meetup in Orange County California stands as living proof of the criminal damage done to the MAGA Coalition and the FAM by Ann Vandersteel and Bill Mitchell.

Amidst the vulgarity and anger, an actual MAGA event took place. Viewed through the prism of time, however, the striking theme here is the injustice of the attacks against MAGA Coalition and the justification of a three year war we have waged since.

Vandersteel and Mitchell were ultimately defeated and payback was savage and complete. It was well earned and well deserved.

Presented here is the unexpurgated livestream that started an internet war like no other.

And by the way, F#%K YOU SUSAN!

Airdate: 11/4/17


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Dedicated to Adam Gingrich and the throngs of people who have been following him since 2016.

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