Is Praying Medic Fleeing the Country?

Praying Medic AKA David Joseph Hayes abruptly deactivated his Twitter account, which had hundreds of thousands of followers tonight. He recorded a bizarre Periscope of what looks like him and his wife fleeing the country. We have thought for months David Hayes has been posting as Q online since JB and Defango ended their LARP last year. Is David Hayes fleeing the country? A Humorous semi-parody of insane current events.

Original Airdate 3/19/19.

The Sebastian Gorka Show – A Parody

It is no secret I do not respect Sebastian Gorka as a person. I found him to be cowardly and dishonest when he worked for me. I find him to be a PAYTRIOT blowhard since leaving my company. What better way to finally go public with my feelings than by doing a poorly planned parody of what his radio show sounds like when I hear it. Looking forward to the day when his crap show is cancelled and he is back to living off Bannon and Hannity’s table scraps.

Originally aired: February 18, 2019. For an even better parody of Gorkie listen to him try to intimidate a blogger who dared write something he didn’t like!……