Adam Gingrich “Trump’s Victory Formation – No Obstruction, No Collusion”

Adam Gingrich explains what the William Barr Executive summary means and how President Trump has been cleared of all the major lies of the Democrats and Never Trump troglodytes. Special attention is given to the weasel Rosenstein, who is now deftly covering his own rear end.

Hey Dems, “It’s Over – You Lost!!!”

A truly terrible day for the Democrats. They have no workable angles left.

Interview With Adam Schultz “The Clairemont Killer”

Adam Schultz is the brother of Tiffany Schultz, first victim of the Clairemont Killer.

The Clairemont killer — Six women were found stabbed to death in San Diego, three in the same apartment complex. In each case, the killer entered through an unlocked door or window in the late morning to early afternoon. A suspect was in custody, tied to one of the murders through a DNA match. Cleophus Prince was found guilty on all counts.

Original Airdate: 8/20/18.

Smooch Panda Interview With Angel Mom Sabine Durden

Sabine Durden knows better than anyone about immigration. She came here from Germany and became a citizen, but that is not the case for everyone. Immigrants are coming to America for all different reasons, yet when they don’t obey the laws and continue to break laws this is not OK.Sabine knows that all to well too. An illegal alien with prior DUIs and other convictions tragically killed her only son Dominic in a motorcycle accident in July of 2012.Check out Sabine’s website

Original Airdate: 7/19/18.