JTF MAGA Beanz Connection: Disobedient Media’s Q Team Conspiracy #RP2PB Shot

OANN report on Q Anon was deleted and Now Disobedient Media is saying they have the new answer for Q Anon. Let’s explore the Tracy Beanz connection and then see what Mr Craddick would do this in the first place.

1) Who is YVA n Tracy? and why is proving their cons and lies good?

2) What about all those pointing out how the intel ppl disavowed loudly & busted the conmen intel

3) MAGA COALITION was front and center in taking the sites down.

The Brian Cates Connection With Adam Gingrich

Chicom lackey Brian Cates who actually presented himself as “Stealth Jeff” for over a year is a clownish figure on twitter. Whether it be is disinformation campaigns gaslighting Trump supporters about how Jeff Sessions was REALLY a good friend and ally of the President or his obfuscation about his true NEVER TRUMP allegiances, you can always be certain his aim is never true. Now he’s creating a tissue of lies about @realdougstewart being the CAUSE of all the Q Anon anti semitism and racism. Adam Gingrich shreds the tissue of lies and strips creepy paper boy Brian Cates naked for all the world to see.

Adam Gingrich vs Anti Semitic Q Guy Branden Cadman (@brandencadman1)

The Q Anon movement is filled with anti semitic people in addition to your garden variety nuts. MAGA Coalition calls out individuals like Branden Cadman (@brandencadman1) and is trying to rid the movement of them with all the tools at our disposal. Adam Gingrich attempts to debate one of the Q Army to a predictable and rather humorous end. WARNING: Branden Cadman is an anti semite and vile pronouncements are made in the course of this dialogue.

Ginger McQueen “Ann Vandersteel Has Been Disavowed by the Trump Campaign”

Ginger McQueen in one of her finest, and most hard earned, gloating sessions. The liar Ann Vandersteel of Bill Mitchell’s YouVoice America infamy has been disavowed by the Trump Campaign. After endless months of being trashed by her and her minions, karmic reaction is sweet!


Airdate: 2/21/19