Dixiecup Nation New York City 2019

When Adam Gingrich switched on Periscope in October 2017 and started giving real political analysis, few could have guessed that a real FAM of like minded people would be created. When Glenn and Ginger joined him later on, nobody would have believed that we would still be here in 2019.

But it was. And we are.

Now, almost three years later we will finally meet in New York City and have a celebration that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Each event location will be sent to each attendee the morning of the event by email.

Event Location

Dinner Location

  • The 8/16 dinner will include food, beer and wine (cocktails are cash bar) in a FAM friendly environment.
  • The 8/17 event will include food, drinks, an outdoor lounge, an indoor party room, a movie theatre and a game room.
  • Glenn will be putting together a “best of the FAM” movie that we will all be screening around 9 PM in the movie theatre at the Event 8/17/19.
  • The dress code for both events will be casual, as it is hot in New York City in August.

We hope to see you there!

Note: This event is for FAM ONLY. We may need to verify who you are before final attendance is confirmed. 

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Need Pointers on hotels, ground transportation and parking…Go HERE