The Brian Cates Connection With Adam Gingrich

Chicom lackey Brian Cates who actually presented himself as “Stealth Jeff” for over a year is a clownish figure on twitter. Whether it be is disinformation campaigns gaslighting Trump supporters about how Jeff Sessions was REALLY a good friend and ally of the President or his obfuscation about his true NEVER TRUMP allegiances, you can always be certain his aim is never true. Now he’s creating a tissue of lies about @realdougstewart being the CAUSE of all the Q Anon anti semitism and racism. Adam Gingrich shreds the tissue of lies and strips creepy paper boy Brian Cates naked for all the world to see.

Adam Gingrich “Trump’s Victory Formation – No Obstruction, No Collusion”

Adam Gingrich explains what the William Barr Executive summary means and how President Trump has been cleared of all the major lies of the Democrats and Never Trump troglodytes. Special attention is given to the weasel Rosenstein, who is now deftly covering his own rear end.

Hey Dems, “It’s Over – You Lost!!!”

A truly terrible day for the Democrats. They have no workable angles left.

Is Praying Medic Fleeing the Country?

Praying Medic AKA David Joseph Hayes abruptly deactivated his Twitter account, which had hundreds of thousands of followers tonight. He recorded a bizarre Periscope of what looks like him and his wife fleeing the country. We have thought for months David Hayes has been posting as Q online since JB and Defango ended their LARP last year. Is David Hayes fleeing the country? A Humorous semi-parody of insane current events.

Original Airdate 3/19/19.